Visiting Hours

Visitors are welcome 24-hours a day, seven days a week. For security purposes, we ask all visitors (including family members) to please sign in at the Guest Reception Desk each time they visit. The main entrance to New Orange Hills is locked from 9:00 pm to 6:30 am. Please use the rear entrance door during these hours. If the rear entrance is locked, please ring the doorbell for assistance to enter the facility. "Please utilize discretion while visiting after hours - Our primary concern is the clinical needs of our guests and ensuring care and comfort.

Restroom Facilities

Public Health Law prohibits visitors from using guest room bathroom facilities. For visitors, public restrooms are located in the Guest Reception area. Public Health Law prohibits Patients/Residents from using guest bathroom facilities.

Domestic Pets

Domestic pets are WELCOME VISITORS at New Orange Hills. Please ensure all pets have current vaccinations and are restrained while visiting. Your pets will have access to the main patios for the purpose of waste. Water bowls are located on both patios and should be utilized to prevent your pet from getting dehydrated. Please clean up your pet's waste (bags are available in the Maintenance or Guest Relations offices.


New Orange Hills is a non-smoking facility. Guests and visitors may smoke in designated outside areas

Public Telephones

A public telephone is located in the Lobby Lounge for the convenience of our visitors.


Newspaper stands are located on the back patio for guests and visitors. For complimentary daily delivery service please contact the Guest Relations Department.

Food Service

Guest Meals may be ordered at the Guest Reception Desk. To place an order, please make your selections at the desk at least one hour and a half in advance. Guest Meals are $3.50 per tray.